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Best Vapor Cigarette Brands of 2016


1. VAPORFI – Best Vape Brand

Best Vapor Cigarette

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2. V2 CIGS – Great Value

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3. SOUTH BEACH SMOKE – Build A Custom Vape Kit

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4. MT BAKER VAPOR – Cheapest E-Juice

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5. VAPOR COUTURE – Most Trendy

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Why Vapor Cigarettes?

The jury is still out and the verdict remains to be seen. One thing is clear, though, and it’s that millions of people are turning to the best vapor cigarette brands, also known as e-cigarettes, as a means to stop smoking. Fortunately, for many people, it has worked. Studies and polls of former smokers who have successfully quit their tobacco habit show that e-cigarettes have definitely assisted in their attempts to quit. What is not yet fully known, however, is what health risks are associated with e-cigarettes.

Of course, there are two sides to every story, including the e-cigarette story. Advocates of the e-cigarette manufacturing industry state that best vapor cigarette brands are safe and relatively successful for use as a smoking cessation aid. Opponents, however, point to the lack of FDA governance as dangerous, and say that more testing needs to be completed before the industry can state that the best vapor cigarette brands are safe.

The Reality Is….

But no matter which side of the best vapor cigarette fence you stand on, the reality is that millions of people are using them in an attempt to decrease or stop smoking altogether, and for millions of people, it’s working, and actually working quite well. Vapor cigarettes provide users the feeling of smoking, as well as a quick burst of nicotine, the main ingredient found in tobacco cigarettes. Some studies have shown that smokers who have previously failed in their attempts to stop smoking have found success with e-cigarettes. As a matter of fact, of former smokers who have been unsuccessful in quitting in previous attempts, nearly 45 percent quit smoking tobacco cigarettes by using vapor cigarettes.

The “why” remains to be seen, but former smokers have stated that smoking e-cigarettes is the closest thing they can get to the real thing, without getting the harmful side effects. However, be aware that some studies do show some harmful chemicals present in e-cigarettes as well.

The Dangerous and Harmful Effects of Tobacco Cigarettes

What cannot be argued, however, is the fact that 40 million people in America are regular tobacco users, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Of those smokers, tobacco cigarette use is responsible for more than five million deaths per year worldwide. Even more shocking is the fact that one out of every five deaths is due to tobacco use. Those numbers alone make it hard to argue against the best vapor cigarette brands, which do not contain the tars and carcinogens found in regular cigarettes.

Of those 40 million smokers, up to 70 percent say they want to quit, and have tried to quit by using other cessation aids currently available, which include the nicotine patch, prescription medication or nicotine gun and lozenges.

Consider the Alternative

The best vapor cigarette brands offer an alternative option for tobacco users who want to quit, but have not yet found a way to do so. Due to its initial quit rate success, the e-cigarette industry has virtually exploded and sales of the best vapor cigarette brands are drastically climbing, and have now exceeded $3 billion dollars. Additionally, that number continues to climb daily.

While the sudden interest in e-cigarettes is relatively new, the product has actually been around for nearly 10 years after its introduction in the China market. Fans of vapor cigarettes say it provides the user the feeling as if they are smoking, without exposing themselves or those around them to the dangerous chemicals found in tobacco cigarette smoke. Although there is a small amount of nicotine exposure with e-cigarettes, studies have shown that the exposure is far less than that of tobacco cigarettes. Studies also show that the vapor emitted from the e-cigarette does not contain carbon monoxide or other toxic chemicals.

Again, much of the information that is currently out there is subject to controversy, as the best vapor cigarette brands are not currently regulated by the Food & Drug Administration.

While the look of vapor cigarettes is nearly identical to a regular cigarette, it is actually quite different inside. When a user puffs on the best vapor cigarette, which is powered by a lithium battery, a liquid-filled cartridge is heated up and vaporized, creating the “smoke” that a user then expels. Some brands also feature a LED tip that actually lights up to glow like a real cigarette, further enhancing the user’s experience.

Cartridges are available in a variety of flavors, including regular, light, menthol or fruit flavors, such as strawberry, watermelon, etc. In addition, users of vapor cigarettes enjoy a drastic cost reduction when compared to tobacco cigarettes. And in many cases, former smokers have found success in weaning themselves off of the best vapor cigarettes= brands.

The vapor cigarette device can be rechargeable, and some models offer USB and car chargers as well. Some critics of the device, however, state that the electronic cigarettes can actually wear down after multiple charges, creating added costs to the user. In addition, vapor cigarettes need to be refilled with flavor and cartridges have to be switched out with a fresh one once they are empty.

Advocates of the electronic devices also point to the reduced harmful effects from second-hand smoke as one of the most important benefits of vapor cigarettes. While vapor cigarettes do in fact create a puff of smoke, it is actually a cloud of vapor, which dissipates into the air fairly quickly. Regardless, due to citizen demand and protest, some states have already enacted bans on the use of vapor cigarettes in public establishments and parks.

Show Me the Money

Reduced cost and savings has been a huge determining factor for smokers who turn to the best vapor cigarette brands. For instance, in New York City, a pack of cigarettes cost approximately $12. One vapor-filled cartridge, said to be roughly the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes, is roughly $3. Over a year’s time, the best vapor cigarette users can save thousands of dollars by simply switching.

Those cost savings have reportedly caused massive worry and anxiety to the tobacco industry, which makes billions per year and produces billions more in tax revenue on the sale of tobacco cigarettes.